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Here's a quick look at the 5 steps involved in using Net+Catalog, and an overview of the Real-Time Authorization Process. To use Net+Catalog, you should already have an established Merchant credit account with a bank or card processing company.  If you don't accept credit cards and would like to, take a look at the InfoQuest Merchant Discount Program (MDP) -- a great way to establish your first Merchant credit card account.

STEP 1: Sorry - no longer available. Signup for the FREE Account or Trial Account
Use Net+Catalog Free if your an existing InfoQuest Web host customer, otherwise -- try Net+Catalog free for 10 days and see what you think.
STEP 2: Define Shipping & Tax Rules, then create Product Pages
After signing up for the Trial, access the Merchant Admin System and define custom shipping and tax rules, view a detailed online tutorial, and use the FORM Wizard to create the HTML "Product Pages" that invoke Net+Catalog service.
STEP 3: Customers Visit Your Website
Once your product pages are in place, customers visit your website and select products.  Selected products are placed in the Net+Catalog Shopping Cart.
Step 4: Customers Check Out
Customers complete their purchase by checking out. After providing shipping, billing and payment information total cost is calculated and the customer receives an order number and receipt.
STEP 5: Order Notification
Your immediately notified via email of the new order, you sign on to the Merchant Admin System and retrieve the order.

How Does it Work?

Real-Time Credit Card Authorization Using Net+Catalog, CyberCash, and CardService:

  1. Customers visit your site and select products.
  2. Products are displayed in the InfoQuest Net+Catalog Shopping Cart
  3. Customer Checks out and provides billing, shipping, and payment information
  4. Net+Catalog interface with your InfoQuest CyberCash Merchant Server account and submits the customers purchase to CyberCash for Authorization.
  5. CyberCash in conjunction with CardService determine if customer credit card is authorized for the requested purchase
  6. CyberCash returns authorization status to Net+Catalog
  7. If customer credit card is authorized, Net+Catalog marks transaction for batch, and notifies you that an order was placed.  If customer credit card is not authorized, Net+Catalog marks the transaction as an error and notifies the customer that the transaction could not be processed
  8. On a daily basis, you log onto your InfoQuest CyberCash Merchant account and submit a settlement for all batched transactions.
  9. CyberCash passes settlement to CardService
  10. CardService interfaces with your bank account and deposits the settled amount.

Click Here for more information on special InfoQuest Merchant Discount Program (MDP) rates and for the pre-application form to get you started with your own Merchant credit card account.

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